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70mins of deep 70s african sounds uploaded by Rainer. Taken from old, dusty and crackling plates. Mainly mellowish afrobeat and funk/soul influenced stuff, give it a try!

Fr 30.11.2018
3 monkeys MS evolutie DJ Pierre Leila Moon Konzeptlos Rainer Dirty H.
8-10 DJ Pierre
10-02 Konzeptlos DJs
02 - ?? DJ Leila Moon
Sa. 01.12.2018
Konzeptlos presents: EMBRYO (D) live
embryo tal der verwirrung konzeptlos taishare pun rainer dirty h souterrain kleintierschaukel lopal
Sa. 15.12.2018
AKIWAWA feat. DJ Soulinus (Unique Records)
akiwawa pun rainer kaschemme soulinus linus munz unique records konzeptlos
... more "Konzeptlos presents" is coming soon!