Sa. 26.01.2019 / Kaserne Basel
Klaus Johann Grobe (CH)
Support: Bitter Moon (CH)
Afterparty: Konzeptlos

Klaus Johann Grobe Bitter Moon Kaserne Basel Konzeptlos Afterparty Konzert
07.02.2019 / 21h

Konzeptlos presents some special ear & eye candy on a thrusday:

Visual concept (visualz & flyerdesign) by Metamorphz
Alex Puddu Konzeptlos Metamorphz Kaschemme DJ Rainer Dirty H

70mins of deep 70s african sounds uploaded by Rainer. Taken from old, dusty and crackling plates. Mainly mellowish afrobeat and funk/soul influenced stuff, give it a try! click on the pic and listen:
konzeptlosounds konzeptlosounds.mp3 mix mixtape afrofunk afrosoul afrobeat congo nigeria eastafrica westafrica music konzeptlos
or click here: LISTEN

... more "Konzeptlos presents" is coming soon!